We are working in the IT-industry. Out task is to design and implement computer systems, which optimize business-processes.

We treat every order individually and our team of experienced developers and graphic designers takes care of created systems to satisfy Client's needs. Starting from pre-analysis we not only help our Customers to get what they want, but also define their needs and select best technologies.

Ecrosio Ltd was founded in 2015 on the basis of owners business activity in IT industry. We are dynamically developing company from Kielce, Poland, but we offer our services for the whole Poland and Europe.

CRM (individually price) Customer Relationship Management system

CRM to kompleksowy system zarządzania obsługą klienta. Pozwala na lepsze zorganizowane bazy klientów w Twojej firmie, poprzez posiadanie pełnej informacji i historii o każdym kliencie w jednym miejscu. Za pomocą lepszej organizacji relacji z klientami zwiększysz ich zadowolenie, a dzięki temu Twoją sprzedaż.

Features of our product:

  • Modern, simple and unitary system for company management
  • Improves information exchange process between the company and the client
  • Coordination of marketing activities
  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Analysis of the efficiency of your employees
  • Summary of operating costs and the balance of profitability of contractors
  • Easily track the sales process, from the first contact with the client,                                  by signing a contract, to post-sale attendance
  • Investigation and analysis of the real customer's needs
ERP (individually price) Effective enterprise resource planning

ERP is a comprehensive system made for effective management and planning of resources of the enterprise. Thanks to it you will increase the efficiency of manufacture, as a result of demonstrating weak points of the production, the management and the inspection of settling accounts. The ERP application of the system will contribute to the cost cutting, through automating processes in the company.

Main system advantages is:

  • Effective planning production, through system integration
  • Enhancement productivity, by coordination of company department
  • Time work record
  • Analysis of inventory and orders
  • Improvement of electronic documents
  • Organization of schedule and prioritize tasks
  • Financial management and analysis of settlements in the company
  • Tracking of deliveries
OTHER (individually price) Dedication web applications

Do you need the web application adapted only for the specificity of your company?
Do you need the application only for your customers?
You need dedicated web portal according to your author's idea?
Do You want to use grywalizację to the promotion of your business.
Do you have an idea for the Internet game?

Our advanced team of programmers, webmasters, graphic designers, of analysts is able to answer your needs and to carry the product out in reality answering your business individual needs.

WEBSITES (from 1.500 PLN) Fitted to individual needs of the customer

A graphic plan of the side isn't everything.
Our main purpose is making our customer visible in siecie, this way so that his company is available for everyone, at any time. At designing we are taking UX into account (user experience), that is feelings he/she is afflicting which recipient of the side.

We are caring for every detail during the process of the page design. Every shop window which we are carrying out is corresponsive. What does is mean? The fact that your side will be great appearing on every device mobilbym (smartfon, tablet, and the like) it is important, if you care about it, in order to each of users of this type devices a permanent access to your offer had.

Browser games

Day After War

The games created in technology like:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JavaEE, MySql

DESCRIPTION: The game is presenting world after the III world war which brought huge casualties. They remained few on a small pocket-handkerchief of land fighting for surviving... The peace in nature is only feigned. Each of players at the beginning of the adventure has an impersonation to choose from into one of 10 forms. They are these are among others mutants, schronowcy, burgesses, tribaliści. The player is able to move on many locations, on which fights against monsters or also other players can wait for him.


Our company specialize in two area IT.

Entertainment production: web games, web browsers, mobile games

Business production: web pages, web portals, community applications, business aplications, mobile aplications.

Facebook aplications


Portal provide web aplications to install on corporate fanpage.

DESCRIPTION: To a maximum we facilitated adding the application on Facebook'a! Are you managing an own company or you offer the excellent product and you want the entire world to learn about it? If not you have big budget at your disposal as well as community media are specialists in marketing and the advertisement for you! Test one of our applications.


Websites created by our Nie Lada company:


  • Our order was fulfilled very quickly and above all in accordance with the sent specification. All our remarks and suggestions never remained unanswered. With pleasure we recommend the ECROSIO Sp company from the limited liability as the reliable and trustworthy partner offering services on the highest technical level.

    pdf iconKamil Marcinkowski
  • Dependability as for the scope and meeting promised dates is strong points of the cooperation with the Ecrosio team which in the scope in which I had a pleasure of taking advantage of their services, can without a shadow of a doubt to recommend.

    pdf iconMarcin Piekarski


November 2012

Start Ecrosio project in AIP


Working on web-game hosting


starting work with bussines applications

september 2014

starting work with facebook applications

February 2015

starting work on Day After War browser game

november 2015

Finish the work on the Day After War game

december 2015

starting work on ERP system

february 2016

Finished work on ERP system


We are looking for PHP programmers. We offer attractive salary, elastic work hours, possibility of the remote work. Welcome acquaintance:

  • Zend Framework
  • PHPUnit
  • Agile

Work for Front End Junior Developer. Welcome acquaintance

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • RWD


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